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Apr 20, 2023

Creative expression can be an invaluable tool for personal growth. Whenever we take the time to explore our creative sides, we are engaging in a process of self-reflection and discovery that allows us to better understand who we are and what brings us joy. Whether it's through writing, painting, music or any other form of artistic expression, taking that space to explore our creative selves encourages us to think critically about our own ideas and feelings, as well as how these things fit into the larger world around us.


This week, Kim is talking with Jeff Dolan, the CEO of Wavve, a cloud-based platform that helps podcasters and other audio creators keep marketing on social media simple. He is a podcaster, musician, and award-winning filmmaker who loves to encourage creators of all stripes.

Some key topics from this discussion:

Importance of Continuing Creative Pursuits

Art Education and Creativity

Starting Communities for Creatives

Challenges and Obstacles for Creatives

Collaboration and Community


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Go to to create a free account and start generating video content from your audio or podcast for social media. Tell Wavve's support chat Power Up Your Performance sent you, and they'll give you a special discount off whatever paid plan you choose.


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