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Apr 16, 2019

Deliece Hofen is the mother of two sons. Her youngest son, Braden, battled childhood cancer three times. During his second battle with cancer, he faced the words "no known cure" and his odds for survival were less than 10%. Three months after that diagnosis, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They had chemo on the same days in two different locations in Kansas City for several months. They both achieved remission and life went along pretty well until two years later when Braden was diagnosed with a secondary leukemia that was actually caused by the treatments he had received to save his life from his first cancer. No child had ever survived this particular form of secondary leukemia after battling relapsed neuroblastoma.

In the podcast, we will share what happened next and how Deliece and her family are doing now. Deliece is also the founder of Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer, a foundation that funds research so that no other family will ever need to hear the words, “no known cure.”

Deliece also loves to run. She calls herself a slow, "middle of the pack" runner. When she is training she smiles and talks to every person she meets on the trail and stops to take pictures of all of the beautiful things she sees on the journey. Although she gets frustrated by "bad runs" and not achieving race goals like most runners do, Deliece finds joy, peace, and happiness when running. That joy is not because she's a first place race champion (because she is not) but because it is a mental cleanse that allows her time to think, feel, create, reflect, and appreciate. She believes that gift is the real win with running!

Listen as Deliece and Kim talk about Braden, Deliece's breast cancer, and lots and lots of running!

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