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May 30, 2018


In this first episode of the podcast, coach Kim shares the story of how she became a runner, explaining that she absolutely hated running when she first started. She also talks about being a frequently-injured runner early on, and the training that helped her realize she wanted to become a coach. We'll hear a bit about Kim's experience as a breast cancer survivor, and find out why she wanted to start a podcast.

BIO: Kim Peek, coach and founder of Power of Run, loves running, triathlon and discovering new ways to challenge her fitness. She is a breast cancer survivor and a dog mom… and a mother to three girls who love theater and film. She enjoys traveling with her husband and kids, especially when the travel involves a beach. 

Kim offers online training and coaching for women who want to run a first or fastest 5K, half marathon, marathon or triathlon. Training for an endurance event transforms lives, and Kim helps her clients use their training so they come out of the experience knowing they can conquer any dream they can imagine. You can find her online at and on all social media as Power Of Run.