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Sep 4, 2018

Adults in the US know they should exercise more consistently. However, most fail to develop and maintain the habits that will keep them healthy for the long run. Clearly, there’s a missing link between having the will to exercise and actually doing it.  Why is it still so hard?  It’s hard because getting off the couch is THE hardest exercise of all.

I’m talking today with Lyn Lindbergh, who you also heard on Episode 3 of the podcast. Her new book, COUCH TO ACTIVE is releasing TODAY, so I caught up with Lyn for another interview. I love talking to Lyn because she really gets it. She knows that changing behavior is not easy, and that it takes more than willpower. She says, “One day I was out for a long walk and had forgotten my headphones, so I was left with only the thoughts in my head,” she says.  “Everything I had learned over the previous ten years started coming together.  COUCH to ACTIVE, that’s the missing link!  It’s a LIFESTYLE change that needs to happen, not another workout program.  We need to get our relationships in order.  We need to have a strategy for breaking through barriers, and we need to know how to make peace with the barriers that are here to stay.  We need to actually enjoy the exercise we do.”


From that epiphany came Lindbergh’s program, COUCH to ACTIVE. Instead of a prescriptive diet and exercise plan, COUCH to ACTIVE focuses on confronting barriers to an active lifestyle with compassion and perseverance. “We need to quit beating ourselves up and start having compassion for where we are today,” she says. 


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