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Feb 17, 2021

As the voice of the Los Angeles Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, DC Wonder Woman Run Series, and more, Fitz Koehler brings big structure, energy, and joy to sport. She’s passionate about guiding others to live better and longer through her company, Fitzness®.

In this episode, we talked about what it was like to travel the US announcing races while enduring the biggest battle of her life. She is able to find the humor in her breast cancer story, telling the story as if she's the star of your favorite sitcom.

We also talked about the importance of early intervention in cancer treatment and other health conditions and how the pandemic is affecting health. We talked resilience, youth fitness and running, and we talked about her book, My Noisy Cancer Comeback, which is a triumphant tale, revealing the details of her 16-month breast cancer battle, all while zigzagging across the United States announcing massive running events. 



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