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Aug 21, 2019

What does it mean to reconnect with your fierce self? Today, we'll check in on goals you've set, talk about taking time for yourself, look at how you can make magic happen in your life by setting intentions and learn a few tips that will make this busy school year easier on everyone. 

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And remember to listen to last week's episode with Dina Griffin, The Nutrition Mechanic, for a 15% off discount code on her new endurance nutrition course. Listen here. (or catch the details in today's podcast!) The link to Dina's site is:


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It doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve—whether you’re training for a marathon, trying to get that promotion at work, working on getting your first paid acting job, or just needing to finish a report at work so you can go home and enjoy the weekend…

You must train for success. You don’t always need to put in more hours or hustle harder to land that promotion or take your career or fitness to the next level. Training for life is all about making smart choices that will energize your body so you can perform your best.