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Nov 27, 2018

If fitness is important to you, you owe it to yourself to make it a priority in your life. We talk each week on the podcast about the benefits of exercise, so you know by now that you are a better parent, partner and employee if you take the time to exercise because it gives you more energy and boosts your brain power, not just clearing away brain fog, but also making it easier to learn new things. 

With that in mind, this week, we are going through some strategies that you can use so that exercise isn’t always the first thing to get bumped when your life gets busy.

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About your Podcast Host:

Coach Kim explores topics that will help you power up your life so that you can design a life you love. If you are ready to think, feel, train and live like a champion, tune in for expert interviews and real talk that will give you the tools and courage you need to chase your dreams.

Coach Kim Peek is a fitness and real-food enthusiast who is also a theater-mom, dog-mom and breast cancer survivor. Kim has a number of coaching certifications including: ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach, USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach and Healthy Running. She is certified to teach a variety of fitness formats, and is constantly studying movement, motivation and other wellness topics to unlock success secrets for her audience. Kim is also a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist and a Functional Aging Specialist.

You can hang out with Coach Kim online at:


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