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Jun 14, 2019

The National Senior Games run June 14-25 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This 19-sport competition for men and women 50 and over is the largest multi-sport championships in the world for seniors.

Since two of my past guests will be competing in the senior games, I pulled together some clips related to the Senior Games, the importance of staying active as you age, and some tips for creating an exercise habit for those who need help in that area.

The clips come from the following episodes:

Episode 003 - Lyn Lindbergh: Learn How to Finally Become a Person Who Exercises Lyn Lindbergh, founder of COUCH to ACTIVE is on a mission is to bring to light the missing link between wanting to exercise consistently and actually getting it done. Known to her clients as The Bad Couch Guru, Lyn’s program, COUCH to ACTIVE made its debut in 2017 and sets a roadmap for real transformation in people’s lives. Her new book, COUCH to ACTIVE was a 2018 National Book Awards Finalist.

Episode 39: Mindset Shifts to Help You Rise This one was an episode  where I took a look at 12 mindset shifts that would improve our health, if we were open to the idea. 

Episode 54: Kathrine Switzer: The Marathon Woman Empowering Millions An iconic athlete, author, Emmy-award winning broadcaster and advocate for sports and social causes, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to officially register for and run the Boston Marathon in 1967.

Episode 14: No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness Dr. Michelle Segar is the author of No Sweat! How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness. Dr. Segar has devoted her 25-year career to creating sustainable behavior change for health and well-being and she is a recognized pioneer in the field. 

Episode 005 - Bonnie Parrish-Kell: The Chief Diva at Slowpoke Divas - You're Never Too Old or Too Out of Shape to Lead an Active Lifestyle  Bonnie Parrish-Kell is inspiring! She began her athletic journey at age 50 and leads a life that shows us all that we are never too old or too out of shape to lead an active lifestyle. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bonnie Parrish-Kell is the “Chief Diva” at Slowpoke Divas, an online source of information and inspiration for women – who may be overweight, out of shape, or over 40 years of age – to rediscover the joys of a healthy lifestyle and outdoor sports.

Episode 004 - Dr. Heather Denniston: Sepia Toned Existence - The Influence Our Wellness Choices Create in the Small Pixels of Our Life.  Dr. Denniston is a seasoned chiropractor with a certification in Wellness Chiropractic, (CCWP). She is also an NASM trained Certified Personal Trainer. She is an avid athlete, health enthusiast, and writer who has a passion for inspiring people of all ages to ignite first steps toward their personal best. She is the creator of The Change Cave, an online membership program for attaining optimal personal wellness through high-level accountability, a fierce and passionate like-minded community, and bulletproof resources. 


About Your Podcast Hostess:

Kim Peek is a movement and mindset strategist with a passion for running, triathlon and all things fitness. She is a breast cancer survivor, runner, triathlete, wife, mother and dog mom--and she is passionate about helping people develop habits that will allow them to live full and rewarding lives. In addition to paid one-on-one and group coaching programs for running and triathlon, Kim also offers a number of free programs, which you can read about here. 


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