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May 31, 2018

Jennifer Dragonette is an integrative nutrition coach who specializes in helping those who suffer from chronic pain and fatigue find a lifestyle that allows them to take control of their lives and live the life they love, fully charged!

She asks clients to, "Imagine getting the root of fatigue with lifestyle changes will allow you to get outside and run with your kids, hike those beautiful mountains, enjoy nature, stop surviving your life by saying yes to those things you normally say no to, and live a life you truly love, fully ENERGIZED!"

She provides the guidance and support to help her clients from the energy sucks and replace them with easy to follow guidelines. She doesn't believe in the word "diet" for health but education, support, and your mindset to reach all your health and wellness goals. She helps you become Food and Mind Powered by giving you a "Food Plan" that fits into your life!

In this episode, we talk with Jennifer about:

The signs that we have inflammation in our bodies, the foods to avoid and the foods to add to our diets. We also get some tips for making these lifestyle changes and learn how our relationship with food could be an issue that is holding us back.  Jennifer also has a free guide for listeners: Food for Fuel Guide: Anti-inflammatory Healing. The guide walks us through the good, the bad, crowding out, mindful eating and some recipes to get you started. 




Facebook and Instagram: @j.dragonette



Coach Kim Peek is the founder of Power of Run. She loves running, triathlon and discovering new ways to challenge her fitness. She is a breast cancer survivor and a dog mom… and a mother to three girls who love theater and film. She enjoys traveling with her husband and kids, especially when the travel involves a beach. She believes that exercise and nutrition can improve our quality of life and longevity, and she is on a mission to help others learn how they can incorporate small changes that will make a big difference in their health and happiness.

Kim offers online training programs for women who want to run their first or fastest 5K, half marathon, marathon or triathlon. You can find her programs at You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest as @PowerOfRun