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Sep 11, 2018

This week, I talked with Jen Carlson Maloney and Shari Ashley, two runners who represent the energy, commitment and drive found at the back of the pack. Jen and Shari are both involved in their local running communities...mentoring, volunteering, cheering and raising funds for worthy causes...showing us that you don't need to consistently place in your age group, or qualify for elite races to make a difference.

We don't often hear about the trials and triumphs of those who are not the elite or fastest, but we could all learn a lot about life and running by listening to the stories of those who run because it brings them joy.

Even if you're not a runner, I hope you will see that anything is possible, and I hope you'll listen to their stories and think about how you can find the same passion and joy in your own activities.

And, if you are a runner, or if you are thinking about getting started, I would love to be your coach! I offer one-on-one and online group training programs. You can email me at for information on one-on-one online coaching or head over to my website at to learn more about my group coaching packages. 

We talk a lot around here about how running has the power to transform lives. It can turn a bad day into a magical day. It gives us a solid community of friends. Through running, we find a place to leave our frustrations, and gain a sense of purpose. I hope that each of these podcasts leaves you with at least one idea for how you can POWER UP YOUR PERFORMANCE, at home, at work, in your fitness activities and with your families. Make the most of this life you have! (Be sure to subscribe, rate and review if you love this episode!)

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