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Apr 26, 2019

Welcome to Free Thinking Friday –  a brief episode where I share some of the things I’ve been pondering throughout the week. 

I totally love it when I find a great story about a performer, director or storyteller who persevered when doors were being slammed in their face. I've become a bit of a Justin Baldoni fan girl. It all started when I began binge-watching "Jane the Virgin" on Netflix. At the time, my girls weren't even watching, and said they'd never watch--so I spoiled Season 4 ending for them. Can you blame me? I came out of my room completely devastated. (No spoilers in this podcast, I promise!). Needless to say, my girls were SO unhappy with me once they also became addicted to the show!

From there, my appreciation grew, and like I get with most things, I needed to know more about the people behind this fantastic show. In this podcast episode, I'll share why I think Justin Baldoni is not just an amazing actor, but also an incredible person. 

I hope this story inspires you to dream big and to use your gifts in ways that will make the world better for one person or many.

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Wafarer Entertainment Website

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Articles I used as research material for this episode

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