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Oct 25, 2021

Today's guest knows all about forging a new path and finding happiness and success. At a young age, Marie Gould found herself with a gaping hole in her heart. Her journey to mend her brokenness took her to all the wrong places, and at times she feared she would never find what she longed for as she continued to make decisions that made her life challenging.

In the introduction to her book: "Love Thirst: a Spiritual Journey from Broken to Beautiful," she says, "My story is not about anything extraordinary other than the fact that from the time I was young, I needed a lot of love and kept looking for it in the craziest places. I was like everyone desiring to be loved. I looked for a lot of it, plain and simple."

Marie is a hairstylist, mother, grandmother, author, and speaker who hopes to encourage others with a longing to heal their own broken, hole-ridden hearts. 

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Book: "Love Thirst: A Spiritual Journey from Broken to Beautiful"  available on Amazon and Kindle 


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