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Jul 26, 2019

This episode is a follow up to episode 69. I received such an enthusiastic response to that episode, that I decided to share more tips for training for and walking a marathon. This episode helps you learn where to go once you're able to walk for 60 minutes at a time. Listen to find out how to train - and what makes training to walk a marathon different from running one.

Train with me!

Train for your first (or BEST!) 5K, half marathon or marathon


Races mentioned in this episode:

Houston Running Festival

Zombie Runner Quarry Lakes

Wild Things, An Awesome Event

Aloha Series


A few podcast recommendations for you:

Couch 2 Active with Lyn Lindbergh

Sisterhood of Sweat with Linda Mitchell

Blogger to Author with Dr. Beth Brombosz

Oprah Super Soul


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