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Jul 2, 2019

How do you know if you have a problem with drinking? How do you stop drinking when celebrations in our culture revolve around food and drink? What needs to be in place to set yourself for success when you're ready to quit? And what are the myths that we repeat that work against us?

I talked with certified holistic health coach, Amy C. Willis, about all this and more for this episode. 

Amy is the founder of HOL + WELL and will soon be a certified Life Coach. Her brand focuses on all things holistic wellness. Amy is in recovery from alcohol use disorder and has been sober for over 2.5 years. Through her own journey in recovery, she's been inspired to support other women in their path to sobriety and does so through her coaching practice. Amy is an avid reader, loves writing, travel, community-building and moving her body. When she's not coaching, hanging out with friends or spending time outside, she's teaching indoor cycling class. Amy lives in Toronto, Canada and works with clients globally.

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