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Feb 15, 2021

What does it mean to feel "stuck" in life or in your career? And how does someone get "unstuck"? We hear this phrase a lot when listening to life and transformation coaches, but what does it really mean? I talked to Dagmar Bryant, PhD about life transformation, empowerment, clarity, and finding our life's purpose. 


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Connect with today's guest, Dagmar Bryant, PhD:

Dagmar Bryant, PhD is a UK based, Australian motivational speaker and Mindset and Transformational coach. Utilizing her knowledge, belief and wisdom, she has inspired people all around the world to make constructive changes and dramatically transform their lives. Dagmar has graced speaking platforms globally including in the USA, UK and Australia, helping many people across all avenues of life. Dagmar has appeared on TV and been heard on radio. She has been published in the wellness press and has produced two meditation CDs.

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