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Aug 25, 2020

Today's guest is Jen Sugermeyer, who shares the strategies she used to make big changes in her own life. In her mid-30's, Jen looked in the mirror and didn't recognize the person staring back at her. Although she appeared to be a successful, businesswoman, Jen was living a dark, double-life that no one could see, and she was at her breaking point in life. In and out of jails, hospitals, and battling addictions, Jen failed for 10 years trying to get a handle on her life, and it was when she heard seven words that changed the course of her life that she was able to endure an incredible transformation. She discovered that loving herself was the key to remove her destructive behaviors. 

She’s a two time, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, writing "RESET" to help others claim the life they deserve and learn to love themselves--using her trademarked methodology, which you will learn about on today’s episode!

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Visit her -- and listen until the end to find out the special offer she has for listeners of this podcast.

Twitter: jsugermeyer
Instagram @JenSugermeyer

About Coach Kim:

I’m the author of the new book, Holistic Endurance Training. I'm a wife, mom, coach, triathlete, and eternal optimist who is into all things wellness and fitness. 


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