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Aug 13, 2020

How have you been spending your time during this pandemic? Did you pick up a new hobby in the early weeks? Have you started a podcast? Created a unique gift item? Enjoyed baking? Today I'm talking with Liese Gardner, author of The Quarantine Diaries. She tells us about this project she thought would take up the first week or two of quarantine that turned into a much longer project --and now she's entertaining us with her new eBook.

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And be sure to check out The Quarantine Dairies here.

About Liese:

Liese began her career as a journalist in 1986. She wrote about creative businesses and in doing so, learned what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

When she started her consulting firm in 1999, she used that knowledge to help small business owners grow and connect with their ideal clients.

Liese has found that the techniques she uses as a writer are the most important tools in the marketing toolkit. So now, in addition to writing, she conducts writing workshops designed to help marketers with content creation and it’s a big part of her “Marketing Today” university courses and workshops

About Coach Kim:

I’m the author of the new book, Holistic Endurance Training. I'm a wife, mom, coach, triathlete, and eternal optimist who is into all things wellness and fitness. 


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