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Jul 15, 2020

Julie Scott is a “Feel Good Junkie,” Life Coach, Author, Speaker and founder of It’s About Time Baby! Coaching. As a recovering People Pleaser, Julie is passionate about helping other selfless, overwhelmed, people-pleasing women to radiate anew with Energy, Confidence and Strength so they can finally FEEL GOOD doing what they want, release weight and get healthy while designing a life they truly love –without the guilt!

In her book “This Time It’s About You!” Julie shares her own journey of waking up in her forties to a lukewarm life and an overwhelming feeling of “Is this all there is?” She took a magnifying glass to her life to identify old limiting “No I Can’t” beliefs and shares how she’s replaced them with powerful “Yes I Can!” beliefs to finally put herself FIRST in life and she’s been living her best life ever since!

Julie offers workshops, group coaching as well as 1 on 1 coaching services. See her website for details and updates. 

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I’m the author of the new book, Holistic Endurance Training. I'm a wife, mom, coach, triathlete, and eternal optimist who is into all things wellness and fitness. 


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