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Aug 14, 2019

I'm excited to share this interview with Dina Griffin, who some of you might know as the Nutrition Mechanic. As a Sports Dietitian and athlete herself, Dina understands the many challenges that athletes encounter.  Whether your goals include improving your daily and training nutrition strategies, devising a solid competition day nutrition plan, or managing a health condition, she works to carefully understand your unique goals and challenges. She will strategize with you to overcome obstacles, optimize all aspects of your nutrition, and meet or exceed your goals in a realistic and healthful manner.

Is there one right way to fuel? How do you eat leading up to a marathon? How do you establish new habits? We talked about this... and more!

Dina has a new nutrition course for endurance athletes, and she has a special offer for listeners to this episode. You can learn more about her online program for endurance athletes here: and listen to the podcast to get a code for 15% off.

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